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Drivers at the Victoria International Marina

4 Acres of Rust

A Visit from Toad Hollow

Once in a while, or in our case frequently, the people you need to meet just show up in your life by accident and it is only in hindsight that you understand exactly why.  In one of these cases, we were fortunate enough to get a phone call from someone who saw some rusty vehicles in the yard here at Drivers Welding and asked if they could stop by and take some pictures for a project they were working on. Little did we know that Scott and Laurie from Toad Hollow Photography were not only talented but shared our love of all things old and rusty. Scott, Laurie and I also share a love of old churches and when you check out their website be sure to browse the picture galleries of all things new and old. You can also order pictures directly from their website if something catches your eye or your heart.


Photo Credit: Toad Hollow Photography

Things can change on a weekly basis at Drivers Welding and we never know what type of welding, fabricating jobs or vehicles are going to come into the shop.   Everyday is a new adventure involving some form of metal and no job is too big or too small. It is a life we feel blessed to have and the wide variety of people we get to meet makes it even better.

Photo Credit: Toad Hollow Photography

Some people come and go quickly, while others stick around for a bit and we get the opportunity to know them on a more personal level. So, a Saturday afternoon drive by the yard and a phone call brought Toad Hollow Photography to the property and not only did we gain two new friends but a company photographer as well. We were discussing our plans for the new shop here called Four Acres of Rust and they were just as excited as we were. This new shop opening at Drivers Welding will sell car parts, accessories and vintage parts to start out, with more rusty and wonderful things being added as the business progresses. Scott and Laurie are not only passionate about their business and art but what other business people on the island are doing as well and are always willing to support them and share information. So don’t be shy, check out their website and follow their photographic adventures via their blog and let them know Miss Daisy sent you!



49 Chevy on S10 Frame

The Beauty of Rust

There seems to be two schools of thought in the vintage car world.  Some people like to restore things to their former glory with shiny new paint, polished chrome and decadent interiors.  Then there are those who like to keep it simple and see the beauty in the faded patina, rust and dents.  It is obvious what school of thought the owner of this beautifully weathered truck belongs to.

I asked Bud Watt what made him want to leave the truck in the condition it was in. He said, “Honestly, I saw one like it in a magazine and fell in love. Everything on that truck has a history, every dent, scratch and bump has a story and I don’t care if someone runs into it with a shopping cart, it will just add more character.” Bud also wanted me to let you know he is grateful to Shawn for all the work he did on the vehicle even though his efforts are not easily visible. Bud says, “ I want to thank Shawn for being so accommodating and taking such care in getting the truck finished.”

I have to admit that I have had the pleasure of riding in the truck and would buy it from Bud in an instant. I was so excited when we parked and used the air bags to lower it to the ground like a resting old giant. Like Bud, I immediately fell in love the moment I saw it sitting there at Driver’s Welding.   In fact I love the truck so much I am on the hunt for one. It will be similar to Buds in the sense that it will be sitting on a newer frame, bagged, and left rusty but it will definitely have a Miss Daisy twist. I am just not sure what that will be until I meet the truck.

So what do you think, rustoration or restoration? I think that Bud’s 49 Chevy with its stock engine sitting on an S10 frame with air bags is a piece of art on wheels. There is something about the trucks and cars from the late forties and early fifties that appeals to the artist in me. The unique lines and stance of these vehicles gives each one a personality and leaving them unrestored on the outside, in my opinion, helps that personality stand out.

So if you need some lake pipes, a new rear end, air bags or something else done to your vintage vehicle or hot rod check out Drivers Welding and tell them that Miss Daisy sent you.  You can always phone and talk to Shawn about your project, but I recommend you just drop by instead and check out the four acres of rust!


Residential Railings

More Than Just Welding

Drivers Enterprises is exceptional when it comes to welding and metal fabrication and no job is too big or too small. All welding work is done by certified ticketed welders to CWB Canadian standards.  I have seen everything from repairs on Grandma’s teapot, huge crane trucks, logging equipment and small boat trailers come through the door on an average day.  Drivers has also collaborated on award winning homes on southern Vancouver Island doing custom architectural and structural fabrications and installations to allow the home owner to build the home of their dreams.

These do not even come close to covering the breadth and the scope of projects that Shawn Driver has been involved in since he founded the company.  While the company is known for the quality of their welding and fabrication, they also excel in a few other areas as well.  Drivers stocks steel, aluminum, and stainless that can be cut to any length you want right in the shop. They also provide mobile welding services and make steel deliveries from Victoria to Port Renfrew.

Shawn has been known to take the time to walk local artists and clients through their projects and suggest materials and methods of making their visions become reality. You can see him walking clients through an area he calls the “bone yard” as they look for the perfect piece of metal for their project. So whether you are making a wind chime or building a new home and need a special piece to complete it stop by Drivers and check out his four acres of rust. Oh yes, tell him Miss Daisy sent you.


KMS Tools in Sooke!

Did you know that you can order and pick up KMS tools, equipment and car parts for your custom or restoration needs in Sooke through Drivers Enterprises? As an authorized dealer they have the same prices as the larger KMS stores and you don’t need to drive to town! All parts are generally delivered to the shop within two days from the warehouse in Coquitlam.  Some delivery charges may apply so please ask for details.

You can view the latest KMS flyer here.   If you are looking for something in particular give them a call at 250-642-0666.